The next step you take, is the FIRST step into your future! Your first step to becoming someones Mr or Mrs. Deep, I know!Someone once told me that music has the ability to connect with so many people in so many different ways, each with their own meaning!So what should you expect for your entrance? I truly believe choosing music for the perfect wedding entrance creates an atmosphere that calms those lingering nerves and sets the scene for those lasting memorable, musical moments! A lot to ask for of just 1 song!So over the years having met so many couples, my collection of music hasn’t just grown but has brought me into so many different genres. Some popular pieces which I have previously sung include “The Fields of Gold”, “As She Moved Through The Fair”, “The Clouds Veil”, “The Rose”, “A Thousand Years” and “Flying Without Wings”, to name a few just a few.Recently I was asked “What is your favourite entrance song?”, so with that in mind I have gathered a few, that, at this minute are really pulling some heart strings as the perfect wedding entrance song!
When I was thinking of entrance songs, I was looking through my sample repertoire list and noted a few songs which I feel deserve a little shout out.

With this in mind here we go…

1. First on my list is, “The Book of Love” by Gavin James.

“You ought to give me wedding rings”! Queue the tissues! This has been on my list for a while now and 9 times out of 10, when I recommend it to couples they have never heard it! Originally written by Magnetic Fields, Gavin’s cover just adds something a little extra special!

2. Second on the list is “Grow Old With Me” by Tom Odell.

Isn’t this what marriage is all about! Growing old together! Absolutely love this song as an entrance piece! So much meaning with each verse reflecting a different stage of life.

3. Third choice, which I recently preformed for a wedding entrance is, “Hoppopilla” by Sigur Ros.

This is one of those “Yes I know that” type of tune! Every time I put this on, the piano entrance has me hooked! And yes it is in Icelandic! Also the video makes me giggle a little! Will this be me when I’m older! A little mischievous!

4. For my fourth choice I can’t forget where my singing career originated from, so I give you “Ave Maria” by Schubert.

As a classically trained vocalist this is one piece I LOVE being asked to sing. I am bias, I know! Definitely a timeless piece that I will never tire of hearing. If you like the more classical style that is!

5. So last but no means least is “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis.

And what more would you honestly want to hear on your wedding day “And I can’t help falling in love with you!” Attached is my very own cover of this beautiful song!


Well, there you go! My first ever blog and some of my favourite entrance songs at the present time.
I hope you enjoyed reading my blog, but I especially hope this has given you some food for thought.

Marie x